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Meet Yuni.

Yuni is a socially awkward college student who draws fanart. Sweet, sexy fanart.

And okay, sometimes she draws real people too. Like the members of MILK*TOAST, her favorite band that she totally stans.

She knew they might see her drawings online. But she never imagined her crush, the songwriter Theo, would actually DM her!

With her thirsty roommates cheering her on, Yuni begins a deep conversation with the man of her dreams. Will she be left on read? Will she have the guts to tell him how she feels? Or is it possible she might even meet him... IRL?

Controls: Click or press Enter or Space to progress the story or select a button. The loading screen waits for your input in case you need to setup a recording or stream. Escape opens the pause menu.

Content Notes: This is a straight, interracial, body-positive love story. It contains self-deprecating comments about weight concerns, swearing, and mild wig mishandling.

(This demo was created for the Summer Novel Festival 2020 game jam. We plan to release the full game with more art, options, and many more endings. If you enjoy the antics of Yuni's roommates, we hope you also look forward to seeing them star in their own romantic stories in the future!)

Music by Antti Luode.


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I reenacted the title and concept of your game with Precure 💖

(the text on her phone can be seen if you save image file then view it at 100% size)

This is so cute! Thank you for sharing it with us!

You're welcome and thank you too!💖


Aww, this is so sweet! The atmosphere is so soothing, the art is pleasing to the eyes, the dialogue flows smoothly and naturally, and on top of that, the characters are very likeable! Plus, the message is inspiring and beautiful! Overall, we loved this experience, and can't wait to see what you do in the future, as well as what the completed game is like!

Thank you for the kind words, we're so glad you enjoyed it!


This was so fun! I loved the conversations between Yuni and her friends, it was hilarious :'D Definitely looking forward to your future content! 

Thank you!


Felt so in love with this story! Can't wait for the full version. I can rely on Yuni so much. I am myself a chubby person and struggle to believe in myself. Don't wanna spoiler for people who just check out this game but until now it's so refreshing ! Also love the art A LOT!!!! Please keep on going with the wonderful work. <3 

So glad you enjoyed! Thank you for the support <3


Omgosh so happy to see that the ppl that made Code Romantic came out with a new game . So excited!!! Just finished the demo and this game is so cute.  I really like it.  Hope you finish it soon.  Really becoming a fan of your games, the stories are so interesting love the romance.

Thank you for the kind comment!