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Enter a mythical monster theme park and ride the Chimera! A shape-shifting creature with a shape-shifting adventure that's different every time!

#enterthemud game jam submission!

Mythari Park lets you enter a mythical safari theme park and experience the wonders of their main attraction, the Chimera!

This classic MUD uses text based commands to let you explore the world and role play with others! You can play in any web browser (mobile included) or use a Telnet/MUD Client to connect!

How to Play

We are no longer hosting Mythari Park on our servers, but feel free to visit the github and host the game yourself! It runs using evennia and python.


  • Millions of potential ride configurations using procedural generation
  • Hundreds of lines of dialog to discover
  • A theme park to explore
  • A gift shop full of items for purchase with park points
  • Photo album to store ride photos
Boarding the ride
All aboard!

Using the gift shop
Don't forget to check out the gift shop!

Development Notes

  • The source code for Mythari Park is available on github here
  • This game was built on top of the Evennia engine
  • Written in Python
  • For more details, we recorded a 50 minute behind-the-scenes commentary as a thanks to those who donate!


  • Dale Lemieux - Nanaimo Labs - Designer, Developer, Writer
  • Miko Charbonneau - Pretty Smart Games - Designer, Writer

Special thanks to Zachary Flower for hosting the "Enter the (Multi-User) Dungeon" gamejam!


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Development log


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Hey, we're doing another text based game jam coming up in a week or so. The account is different so it's been a bit hidden but we'd love to have you again!

Hey! Thanks for letting us know! We'll check it out and join if we have time. It was so much fun last  year!